May we introduce ourselves?

Gede is manager and host at Sudanita Homestay and does his utmost to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Gede is born and bred on Bali and is acquainted with the Balinese culture, nature and religion. He can tell you wonderful stories about his home-land, the plentiful and colorful ceremonies and the history of his family. Gede will show you the flora and fauna, plunge with you into Balinese tradition, and much much more. He loves to show you "his" Bali and offers well-organized daytrips by car and wonderful walking-trips in the surroundings of Ababi. He is also familiar with the Western culture, has visited Europe many times and speaks English well. He is cheerful natured, very studious and open to new experiences and ideas. Gede is also a wonderful cook and together with Ketut he will prepare delicious Balinese meals for you.
Ketut is a young Balinese woman and a most appreciated staffmember who, if we have guests at Sudanita Homestay, helps us with cooking, cleaning, laundry and ironing. She learns quickly, shows initiative and is most friendly and obliging. Together with Wayan she recently did a course in Conversation English, so feel free to ask her some questions.
Wayan is a young Balinese man. He helps Ketut making breakfast, cleaning the rooms and preparing and serving diner. In the afternoon he mostly works in the garden. Wayan is a quiet, very nice man and has a flexibel attitude. A jack-of-all-trades.
Anita lives and works in the Netherlands. During a holiday on Bali she got totally under the spell of its splendour and beauty and of the friendly Balinese people. With Gede and his family she started Sudanita Homestay and together they run the Sudanita business. Anita does all "back-ground"-jobs like replying your emails, promotion, maintenance website etc.

Experience the genuine Bali, with those who live there.

Sudanita Homestay is situated in a small village called Ababi, near Tirtagangga, at the foot of Mount Agung, East-Bali. Gede and Anita have built Sudanita Homestay with the help of the local people of Ababi. We decided to rent most of our newly built house and organize tours across Bali and wonderful walking-trips around Ababi. By doing so not only we hope to realize some income, for ourselves and for some Ababi-people, but most of all we like to offer an alternative away from the crowded tourist-scene. In the small village of Ababi you will be able to meet the local people and their daily activities; working in the ricepaddies, making Balinese offerings, bathing and washing at the open-air public bath, looking after the cattle and all other activties during the day.

We offer you the peace and quiet of East-Bali and a holiday in a homely atmosphere, from where you can discover the rest of Bali's natural and cultural beauty.

Sudanita Homestay is a pleasant mixture of Balinese and Western European influences,

which you will experience when you stay with us. Especially if you love walking, village-life, ceremonies, a Balinese massage, snorkelling in the sea, swimming in fresh spa-water, visiting the local market or a small local school, watching a lesson in Balinese dance with young children, enjoying our tropical garden and our delicious Balinese meals, then Sudanita Homestay is your place to be.

We guarantee a holiday full of wonderful Bali-impressions and a great story to tell your family at home.